2018-2019 SEDS-Canada projects
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Join the movement! #DontLetGoCanada

canada_coalition_990Don’t Let Go Canada coalition message. Credit: Don’t Let Go Canada

#DontLetGoCanada is a movement created by 18 Canadian organizations to emphasize the importance of Canada’s presence in the space sector. The goals of the coalition movement is make the Canadian government aware of the importance of funding Canadian space initiatives and make the general public more aware of the exciting opportunities happening in our back door!

Why is this movement important?

 From the #DontLetGoCanada FAQ section:

  • Because, after years of inaction by previous governments, if Canada does not take action soon, we will be letting go of…
    • Our country’s position as a leader in satellite communications, Earth observation, space robotics, space science, optics and sensors;
    • our 60-year legacy in space;
    • our vibrant and innovative space sector with its important economic and scientific contributions and employment for some of our brightest young engineers, scientists and mathematicians;
    • the beloved Canadarm program (92% of Canadians say “when I think about or see the Canadarm, I feel proud”); and
    • the exciting opportunities of the new space economy. The global space market is worth over USD $380B today; analysts forecast it will grow to be a multi-trillion-dollar market in coming decades.
  • Because when it comes to space, Governments have to lead.
  • Because if we let go of our space sector, it won’t be coming back.
  • Because it’s time for bold vision and wise choices.

Organizations involved with the movement:

  • MDA
  • Honeywell
  • Canadensys
  • Deltion innovations Ltd
  • SED
  • Magellan Aerospace
  • Xiphos Technologies
  • ABB
  • Menya Solutions
  • IMP Group
  • Neptec
  • Mission Control Space Services
  • The Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute
  • The Planetary Society
  • Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
  • The Canadian Space Society
  • The Aerospace Industries Association of Canada

For more information, check out the Don’t Let Go Canada website or click here!

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