Federal Election: Why space matters

Canada: A country that should be investing in space

Every few days until the federal election, SEDS-Canada will release a short statement on the value of space exploration and development.

We’ll explain why space is an important issue this election: it strengthens our economy, and it’s part of our history. It’s a rare bastion of international cooperation, and it helps us care for our environment. And a culture of exploration can elevate and inform our society. Space exploration makes us richer, smarter, and safer, and that’s what we’ll explain this month.

Our next government should restore funding for space exploration and development, and set clear goals for our aerospace industry. This will fortify the economy, develop new technology, and improve our infrastructure. It will deepen our understanding of the Universe and Earth. And it is a peaceful and productive avenue in foreign policy.

So, why is space important right now? Why not wait for a different election? Because there are only two reasons that a society goes to space. Space exploration has historically been used as a tool of war. During the Cold War, outer space was simply a highway for ICBMs. But we have also developed space for profit; the internet exists because we put satellites there. Canadians must not wait for a second military space race, nor should we drown our collective accomplishments in the molasses of austerity. Let’s be peaceful and productive; let’s put Canada in space. The decision to grow our economy, to write our own history, and to understand our home is the most optimistic choice that we can make. Let’s make that decision now.

Samuel Baltz, advocacy@seds.ca

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