Current Staff

Alex_Wlodarczyk circleAlexander Wlodarczyk | CAN-RGX Project Manager

Alexander is an Aerospace Engineering – Space Systems Design student at Carleton University, taking a minor in Geomatics as well. He also holds an Advanced Diploma in Business Administration-Accounting from St. Lawrence College. He has always had an interest in astronomy & space and finally decided to pursue that interest a couple years ago. Alexander is hoping that with SEDS he can help influence the future of the space industry and bring unique opportunities to students across the country.

BryanLittle_circleBryan Little | Chief Recruiting Officer

Having obtained a Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace) at Carleton University, Bryan is completing his Master of Applied Science at RMC’s Advanced Propulsion and Plasma Exploration Laboratory (RAPPEL). His research is in the development of ion propulsion systems for small spacecraft, as well as data acquisition systems to measure their performance. Bryan has been the Chief Recruiting Officer for SEDS-Canada since May 2017, and was also the Project Manager for the Queen’s Space Engineering Team (QSET) Satellite Division for the 2017-2018 academic year. Bryan is also working on field emission electric propulsion systems in Austria for ENPULSION GmbH, and will be defending his thesis in Winter 2018.

Beth_Lymer_circleBeth Lymer | CAN-ARX Project Manager

Beth obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Earth Science from Dalhousie University, and a Master’s of Science in Earth and Space Sciences from York University. Her research focused on instrumentation for the detection and identification of organics in meteorite specimens for future asteroid sample return missions. She is currently attending the University of Toronto for a Master’s in Museum Studies to further her interest in public science education.

Bryan_Southwell circleBryan Southwell | Assistant Conference Planner

Bryan is the Assistant Conference Planner for SEDS-Canada. He attended Carleton University for his undergraduate degree in Aerospace Engineering, Space Systems Design. He currently attends Western University for his Masters of Engineering Science in the Electrical, Computer and Robotic/Control engineering department. His research is focused on increasing the lifespan and efficiency of rover missions through onboard and real-time planetary surface analysis. This research is done in conjunction with the Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration at Western.

Cosette_circle.jpgCosette Gilmour| Content Editor

Cosette is a Ph.D. student in Earth and Space Science at York University. Growing up in rural Alberta, Cosette had access to some of the best night skies that fueled her love for space from a very young age. Her research interests include the physical and chemical analysis of meteorites, remote sensing of asteroids, and In-Situ Resource Utilization. Cosette holds a B.Sc. Honors degree in Geology (’15) and an M.Sc. degree in Earth and Atmospheric Science (’17), both from the University of Alberta. Cosette’s current work includes measuring thermal properties of meteorites as low as 5 degrees Kelvin to gain a better understanding of the thermal evolution of asteroids throughout the solar system.

damien_brun_circleDamien Brun | English-to-French Translator

Damien is a third-year PhD student in Cognitive Computing at the University TÉLUQ (Canada) and Le Mans University (France). He is specialized in Human-Computer Interaction for augmented and virtual reality headsets. His research involves designing interaction and creating tangible interfaces for smart eyewear in sensitive industrial contexts such as nuclear plants. He dreams to apply his knowledge to the aerospace industry to support space explorers with an alternate reality.

parth dave circleParth Dave | YSpacE Project manager

Parth is currently pursuing Masters in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the University of Toronto and has one year of professional experience in handling a complex industrial project. He would be happy to unlock participants hidden power in entrepreneurship and provides the best support for their superficial success in YSpacE competition.

Raras Azzahra | Social Media Manager

Raras recently graduated from the University of Toronto with a double major in Communication, Culture, Information, and Technology (CCIT) and Sociology, as well as a minor in Professional Writing. She aspires to connect students who are passionate about space and facilitate their conversations regarding the future of space exploration.

portrait_placeholder_500x500Robert Nagle | CAN-SBX Project Manager

Robert holds a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from Carleton University with a concentration in Space System Design. Robert in currently a satellite communication system engineer at Honeywell Aerospace, as well as an Executive for the Canadian Space Society, Ottawa Chapter. Robert is also currently pursuing a specialization in RF Engineering through the University of California. As CAN-SBX project manager Robert overseas all activities pertaining CAN-SBX and is dedicated to ensuring a successful flight campaign for all proponents.

Zainab Husain_circle
Zainab Husain | Sponsorship Coordinator

Zainab is currently in her third year of Engineering Physics at McMaster University with a specialization in Photonics. Zainab enjoys working with electronics and hardware and loves learning about new technology that is being developed for space exploration such as long-distance laser communication in satellites. She believes there’s a lot to learn about the world around us and space exploration is a crucial part of this. Zainab is also passionate about sustainability and is currently researching high efficiency solar cells made using nanowire technology.

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