Ottawa Carleton Educational Space Simulation

Lisgar Collegiate Institute

The Ottawa Carleton Educational Space Simulation (OCESS), informally known as Spacesim, is a student-run non-profit organization and high school club, based out of Lisgar Collegiate Institute in Ottawa, Ontario. OCESS is dedicated to educating students of all ages about space and science, as well as fostering a love and respect of the “final frontier.”

Each year, Spacesim members take part in a 5 day long mission to a selected destination. During the mission, six members fill the roles of astronauts, spending the entire 5 days living within the Habitat (Spacesim’s model spacecraft). During this time, the astronauts receive guidance and instruction from Mission Control. Simulators bring a heightened level of realism to the mission, by creating situations the astronauts might expect to face were they really in space. These can range from biocontaminants, to solar flares, or micrometeor collisions. Spacesim has existed for over 25 years, and its alumni also frequently take part, helping to supervise the mission, and sharing their experience.

Months of thorough planning and work go into this event. Simulators thoroughly research the chosen destination, and then design, and construct a planetary surface.  Astronauts explore and collect samples from the planetary surface during the mission, and perform experiments to meet mission objectives. Astronauts and Mission Control train for the Mission by running mini-missions in the preceding months, develop a mission timeline, flight paths, and decide upon what types of experiments to perform.

Elementary Education Programs (EEPs) make up much of Spacesim’s educational outreach, whereby members give highly interactive presentations to elementary age children, demonstrating principles of astronomy, Newtonian physics, and space travel.

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McMaster Observatory Outreach at Night Club

McMaster University

With MOON, you can learn more about astronomy by trekking out at night to stargaze, view different planets and celestial objects, and catch some meteor showers in a collective environment with other students. So don’t worry about stargazing all alone at night. We have a buddy system to ensure you get home safely! Whether a night sky novice or guru, everyone is welcome!

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If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Clear skies,
McMaster Observatory Outreach at Night Club (MOON)

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McGill Students’ Astronomy Club

McGill University

At McGill, we have integrated the SEDS organization as a part of the McGill Student’s Astronomy Club (MSAC). In doing this, many of the events we hold are promoted under both organizations. MSAC and SEDS run regular ‘Astrotalks’, whereby a professor, or student working in a space-related field presents on their work or research. Furthermore, to appeal to the astronomy hobbyists, our group holds regular star gazing events. Ultimately, our mission is to promote Astronomy and Aerospace Engineering on campus and in the wider McGill community.

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Space Society of London

Western University

This is a club for anyone who has an interest in space. If you like to learn about our universe, want to be an astronaut one day, or just enjoy space sci-fi then join us for our many guest speakers, observing nights, and many other fun activities. This club is open to anyone in London, it does not matter if you are a student or even at the university.

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University of Toronto Aerospace Team

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto Aerospace Team is now the largest student design team at the University of Toronto. We engage nearly 100 active undergraduate and graduates students within the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, the Faculty of Arts & Science, and the Faculty of Medicine. Each year, our team competes in 5 national and international competitions, hosts an annual aerospace-themed conference, a high-school engineering design competition, and numerous external and internal community outreach initiatives.. All of our competitions and activities are done in pursuit of our mission statement: “UTAT is committed to providing a venue for all members to challenge themselves and further their development in a competitive and social environment.”
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SEDS Victoria

University of Victoria

SEDS Victoria is a chapter of 15 high school, undergraduate and graduate students based out of the University of Victoria in Victoria, British Columbia. Our students collaborate closely with the UVic Observatory, the UVic Rocketry Team and the Planetary Society- Vancouver Island to host space outreach events for community members. Our location in the BC capital and proximity to West Coast aerospace industries gives us a unique vantage point to influence the development of space. The goal is to make humanity a space-faring civilization; we do this by providing professional development, networking and community outreach opportunities for members. We also provide fun opportunities to meet others interested in space. General meetings are hosted every Thursday evening at the UVic Observatory (Bob-Wright Center, 5th Floor). To get in touch email Nat at .

Our ultimate goal is to make humanity a space-faring civilization. All individuals with an interest in this are welcome to join- our members come from all majors and education levels. We work to improve Canada’s space industry by developing personal competencies, offering networking opportunities and performing community outreach. Public speaking, coop support and networking workshops are just some of the events offered for members. Professional competencies are developed by peer mentorship at all levels of study (primary/secondary, undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate) with an emphasis then placed on giving back to the community.