A Message to our Future Leadership,​​​​​​

A Message to our Future Leadership,

SEDS-Canada is becoming the mechanism for students in Canada to build connections and develop professionally in today's competitive space industry. This is why we created projects such as our Young Space Entrepreneurs Competition (YSPACE), the Canadian Reduced Gravity Experiment Design Challenge (CAN-RGX), and our flagship event Ascension. To continue offering more opportunities to students in Canada, we will establish strategic partnerships with government, industry, and non-profit organizations worldwide. It is without doubt, that these goals cannot be achieved without the leadership of our Board of Directors. We are presently looking for students with the right stuff, ranging from high school to university, to join our next Board during the period of 2017-2018. Just as their predecessors, the new Board will work towards creating unique opportunities to shape the next generation of space leaders and explorers.

Through your hard work and leadership, SEDS-Canada will grow stronger and larger in membership, help empower student space enthusiasts across Canada, and push the boundaries of space exploration for the benefit of all Canadians and humankind. Join us today!

Ad Astra,

Elias Solorzano

Outgoing Chair, 2016-17