Four Student Teams Selected for the CAN-RGX Challenge

Last month, we received 21 extraordinary proposals from student teams across Canada who hoped to be one of the four winners to build and test a small experiment in reduced gravity onboard the NRC Falcon 20 research aircraft. With the help of experts in microgravity flight sciences, we meticulously evaluated the proposals on the basis of scientific merit, technical feasibility, project management and community outreach. After a difficult deliberation, SEDS-Canada is pleased to announce the top four teams who have been selected for the first Canadian Reduced Gravity Experiment Design Challenge. The four teams are:

Team AVAIL from the University of Toronto
Team COSM from Carleton University
Team iSSELab from the University of Alberta
Team USST from the University of Saskatchewan

Read the latest Press Release for more details on the four teams!

CAN-RGX Press Release January 17 2017