Nominations Now Open for 2017/2018 Board of Directors Election

Every year our chapter representatives elect the new Board of Directors shortly after Ascension (March 3rd-5th this year). Candidates should be current students and a student member of SEDS-Canada. Not a member yet? Purchase your memberhship hereApplications are due by March 10th!


The Chair presides over the Board of Directors and is responsible for ensuring continuous communication among directors, members, Chapters, advisors, alumni, and outside organizations. The Chair serves as the chief spokesperson to represent SEDS Canada to the public, media, and government.


The Vice-Chair acts as the liaison to the Board of Advisors. The Vice-Chair shall also lead efforts to organize and supervise fundraising activities for the Corporation.


The Secretary is responsible for taking notes at all meetings of the Board of Directors and maintaining a record of those notes. Additional duties include maintaining a file of all current records, and moderation of mailing lists.

Director of Finance

The Director of Finance is responsible for managing the monetary assets of SEDS Canada and shall oversee all financial matters. The Director of Finance is also responsible for the long-term strategic planning of finances.

Director of Membership

The Director of Membership is responsible for maintaining correspondence with all chapters and student members. The Director of Membership is also responsible for answering and supporting all requests by chapters and student members for information or help, and bringing these matters to the attention of the Board.

Director of Communications

The Director of Communications is responsible for external public communications and relations. Duties also include creation and publication of press release documents to communicate any news and developments within the organization or the opinions of the organization on developments within the space industry to the public.

Director of Advocacy

The Director of Advocacy chairs the Political Advocacy Committee and lead efforts to engage government officials, electoral candidates, and other pertinent entities for the purpose of non-partisan political advocacy and lobbying.

How to Apply

All interested candidates should nominate themselves by emailing with the following information: name, program & year of study, chapter, the position(s) they are running for, their experience and why they are a suitable candidate for the position.