SEDS Canada Announcement of New Membership System

Photo: Aerial, ground level and night views of STS-2 Rollout to and on Pad 39A, 08/31/1981. KSC, FL Credit NASA

To better provide our members with up to date information and opportunities we are rolling out a new individual based membership system. Students can go to our Membership page to purchase their yearly membership to get SEDS-Canada benefits. 

Chapters are still an integral part of our organization, and we strongly encourage you and your colleagues to start a chapter at your school if you don't have one. Moving forward the Director of Membership will coordinate with chapters to host local SEDS-Canada events and communicate directly to members national SEDS-Canada opportunities and events.

What you get with your membership:

  • Access to the Space Opportunities Resource Bulletin (SpaceORB) (Once it's completed)
  • Access to the SEDS-Canada Member's Forum named Spacebar
  • Discounts on SEDS-Canada National events
  • Discounted or Free registration to SEDS-Canada National Competitions
  • More to come!

The more astute of you will have noticed that some of the benefits of being a member are currently under construction so until SpaceORB is complete Membership will be 33% off!

If you have any questions regarding membership don't hesitate to send them to


Opta astra sequi,


Outgoing Director of Membership