Ryan Anderson

Ryan is the founder and Director of Satellite Systems of QShift Inc. a federal corporation providing space and satcom systems consulting services to the Department of National Defence and other clients. QShift is also leading research and development in advanced space and satcom technologies.

A professional engineer with over 10 years’ experience, Ryan has worked on dozens of satellite programs spanning design, development, procurement and operations. Most notably, as lead of Telesat’s innovation program, Ryan was instrumental in the development of the LEO Vantage constellation, a disruptive approach to delivering satellite communications. Other highlights include work on PCW, Anik F2, Anik G1, Nimiq 6, and Urthecast’s cutting edge OptiSAR constellation.

An active member of the local space and engineering communities, in 2010, Ryan founded the Ottawa chapter of the Canadian Space Society (CSS) and served as Chair until 2014. In that role, he organized the Canada On Orbit Gala to mark the 50th Anniversary of the launch of Alouette, organized Yuri’s Night Ottawa events from 2010-2014, and co-chaired the very successful Canadian Space Summit in 2013.

Ryan has served on the executive boards for the Canadian Federation for the International Space University, the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute Astro 2016 Conference, and as Treasurer for the CSS Ottawa chapter. He volunteered for the National Research Council’s Marsville and Engineering Challenge programs to encourage Canadian students to pursue careers in science and engineering, and served as Crew Engineer on the Mars Desert Research Station.

In 2017, Ryan will assume the role of Vice President of the Canadian Space Society in 2017 and continue his role as Advisor to SEDS-Canada.