Canadian Space Summit 2018 Student Challenge

SEDS-Canada is pleased to announce its collaboration with the Canadian Space Society to offer two of our student members the opportunity to speak at the 2018 Canadian Space Summit!


Who: Post-secondary students who are current members of SEDS-Canada

What: A 15-minute spot on the big stage to speak about your research (and free entry to the conference)!

Where: Ottawa, ON

When: November 27th – 29th, 2018

How to apply

Submit a 250-300 word summary of your research and a link to a 3 minute video of you talking about your research to before the deadline below!

Research summary guidelines:

  • 250-300 words
  • submit as an attached PDF file
  • include a header with your name and post-secondary institution

3-minute video guidelines:

  • You must be visible in the video
  • Be creative with your background! You can use a projector screen or props as visual aids
  • Ensure the sound quality and video quality are sufficiently high
  • Post the video to an online platform such as Youtube, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc and provide the link along with your application

Judging criteria:

Your submission will be judged in three categories: scientific merit (from the research summary), engagement, and communication (from the 3-minute video).


October 15th, 2018 11:59PM (EST): Submit your project summary and video link to



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