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Running annually since 2012, NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge brings coders, designers, entrepreneurs and makers together from across the globe to take on a series of challenges developed by NASA. Last year, over 25000 people developed and submitted more than 2000 projects on hackathon weekend, a huge increase from 2016 where 15409 hackers created over 1300 projects! During the intense 48-hour hackathon, teams form and produce solutions that leverage NASA’s extensive spacecraft, celestial, and science dataset. For the 2017 Canadian competitions in Ottawa, Toronto, and Waterloo, the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) took part as well, providing their RADARSAT data for CSA sponsored challenges. In 2017, a total of 31 teams participated in Space Apps at the three Canadian locations.

Space Apps draws around 100 people to downtown Toronto to compete for a chance to proceed to a global competition. Over 48 hours individuals will form teams from a common interest in a specific challenge, work towards a solution to that challenge, and present their idea to a panel, all while being mentored by onsite experts.

spaceapps.jpg“Toronto is a city full of creative people actively contributing to science, technology, and innovations around the world. I’m proud to see a Toronto team recognized by NASA and representing Toronto-made innovation on the global stage.”
–  John Tory, Mayor of Toronto (speaking of Space Apps Toronto 2017)

Space Apps Toronto uniquely includes a separate event that will engage a younger audience. The Youth Program is a fair-style program for youth aged 7 – 13 to learn about technology’s impact through activities led by local organizations. The past five Space Apps Toronto events have been major successes. Now the original organizing team is ready to pass the torch, reaching out to SEDS-Canada to take over organization of the event. SEDS-Canada is ready to make this event bigger and better, and continue to bring the event to the city for years to come. Space Apps Toronto is an opportunity to both engage with youth and members outside of the space community, increasing public awareness of space in Canada. Through Space Apps, we’ll make space and Earth more accessible, visual and fun to explore.

The 2018 NASA International Space Apps Challenge will take place in cities around the globe October 19-21 at the DMZ Sandbox (341 Yonge St, Suite 312).

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